Recommended – Wuyuan

Located in the northeast of Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan is east of the national historical city-Quzhou, west of the capital of porcelain -Jingdezhen, north of the national tourist attraction-Mount Huang, and south of the famous sacred mountain-Mount Sanqing. It not only is a national famed cultural and ecological tourist county, but also has long been known as “the Hometown of Books”, “the Hometown of Tea”, and even “the most picturesque village of China”.

Wuyuan is best known for its golden rape flowers in the spring. When April comes, the mountains here would be covered by blooming rape flowers and there is golden color everywhere, making the place both amazing and fantastic.

Wuyuan is also known for its well-protected ancient villages of the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1636–1911) Dynasties as well as the pastoral landscape. The ancient town of Jiangwan with a history of 1000 years is one of the main attractions.

In the north part of Wuyuan, Dazhang Mountain and Wolong Valley scenic area enjoy the distinctive scenery of mountains and valleys. Forest covers more than 90% of the area. You can enjoy the Wulong Valley all the year round: in the spring, flowers bloom in the mountains; in the summer, it becomes a green world with a great amount of trees; in autumn, the mountains are ablaze with the red maples; in winter, ice is shaped as if it is carved by a skillful craftsman. Whenever you visit, it always waits to surprise you with its changing colors. Groups of waterfalls make your tour even more thrilling.

Best Time to Visit

The weather there is moderate and moist. It features four distinct seasons and has foggy periods in most of the days. You can enjoy yourself there in any season, while spring is the most pleasant time, especially in April. The mountains are decorated with red azaleas; the hills are covered by green tea plants and golden blooming rape flowers. When the colors of nature meet the white wall and black tile, a harmonious picture comes into being.